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Best Design & Branding Package for Startups in UK Europe 2018

Getting your website, pitch deck, logo and presentation designed together with building a consistent brand on a stringent budget is a tough task. No wonder that startups in UK and Europe with tight budget often feel at a loss about how to do it all. Though there are some online solutions that would let you design and build your own websites and other branding materials within a few steps, it could be a difficult task, especially when you don’t come from a design background. Since your website, logos, pitch decks and presentations would all determine the future of your business, a lot is at stake and it would be a great mistake to mess with them.

When standing at the crossroad of such momentous decisions, many business owners either overthink or panic or procrastinate. But instead of wasting time over such negative feelings and trying to do it all, it’s best to trust the professionals. After all, creating your business’s visual story putting a convincing brand together should be a fun ride, not a chore. But how do you decide what’s the best design and branding package in UK ideal for your startup? Here are certain things to consider that will make your choice easy.

Startup and Premium Packages

Based on your requirements (which could be pretty basic or ones that need customization) and budget, you can take your pick between either of these packages, which differ mainly based on the level of design. Though both ensure giving your website and other branding and promotional materials an eye-catching look and feel, it’s the level of design and its customization that’s different for each package.

Startup Package

It’s ideal for those who own small retail shops, are engaged in small-scale trades, are accommodation providers, or are new to the online world and need a clean, simple website together with some basic branding materials that would let the world know about their business.

Once you let the design team know about your business and what your specific needs are, those professionals would create beautifully designed, simple to understand websites (with a few dynamic or static pages) that are easy to navigate, put your intended message forward tactfully, can be accessed easily and go well with your other branding materials.

Such a package would also include logo design. Since a startup needs to stand apart from the crowd and create the right impact, a well-designed logo would help build a striking brand identity for it.

Impressing potential clients, investors and other stakeholders is an equally important aspect of startups. Professionally made pitch decks and presentations are powerful tools in a startups’ arsenal to achieve the desired results. Here again, a startup package can help provide businesses fitting solutions without cutting too deep in their pockets.

Premium Package

It’s fit for those businesses (like firms offering professional services like that of lawyers and accountants, specialty realtors, fine dining restaurants etc) that function in an extremely competitive industry, where their potential clients have a wide range of alternatives to choose from. By having that extra polish and dash of customization that’s synonymous with a high-end feel and look which this package offers, such businesses can distinguish themselves from the crowd and catch the attention of their target clientele easily.

After the design team knows about your business and your requirements, they will use unique and sophisticated design aesthetics to create two initial mockups for your home pages, each having specific elements that showcase your business the best way from two varying angles. Once you identify the elements from each that you want your final home page to have, the design team would include them in the final page, which would go live after your approval (usually, one to two design revisions are done by design and branding firms to meet your vision and needs). With a greater level of emphasis on quality and attention to detail, this premium package ensures the right dose of customization for the website that would grab eyeballs and help portray the businesses just the way the owner intends to.

The more high value your offerings are, the more important your brand needs to be. After all, when you ask people to spend a lot on your products and services, you must create an exceptional feel for them at every step of the way. In this journey of creating a unique customer experience, your branding plays an extremely important role. Remember that a premium offering should have a premium brand to support and complement it. Since the logo is the visual cornerstone of your brand, you need it to make your business notable and memorable. Choosing the premium package would let you get the customized logo that blend symbolism and classical minimalism beautifully to create mesmerizing effects.

This package also brings you professionally designed brochures, pitch decks, and presentations, all of which will let you impress your clients, investors, business partners and stakeholders, and create a strong brand identity in the market that helps you compete and thrive in today’s cut-throat competitive landscape.

Getting started

From website and logo design to create a strong brand identity, we can help your business in many ways. In case either of these packages seems exactly like what you feel your business needs, get started right away by sending us your design brief and we’ll respond shortly to discuss your options further.

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